spring into action

To get in shape for spring and summer, you don’t need to do everything at once. Put one or two changes into practice, such as controlling your portion sizes or cutting back on added fats and sugars in your food choices. When you feel comfortable with your progress, try something else.
Add physical activity to your day. Spring weather makes it easy to get outdoors and get your 30 minutes of daily physical activity. These activities can count towards your day’s total exercise:
Go for a brisk walk during your lunch hour or after dinner.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator whenever possible.
Skip the drive-through car wash and wash the car yourself.
Stretch your green thumb by doing some gardening. Consider growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.
Walk in place while watching TV.
When possible, ride your bike to school or work—or use it to run errands.
Plan an active family vacation or a weekend outing.
Like good eating habits, regular physical activity needs to be part of everyone’s healthful lifestyle. Remember, your goal is to make changes gradually so you can stick with them and won’t have to repeat this process next year.  Come and visit our studio in North Dallas located in West Plano at Parker and the tollway.

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