New to Pilates?

Those who have never done Pilates must complete our Intro to Pilates Equipment Training Package ($255) prior to attending any equipment-based class. This package includes 3 private training sessions aimed at preparing you for equipment-based group Pilates classes.

Private Sessions

Number of SessionsPrice
Package of 5$425
Package of 10$799

One-on-one sessions with an expert instructor, designed to give you specific results quickly and safely.

Duet Sessions

Number of SessionsPrice
Package of 5$299
Package of 10$550

Achieve great results with just one other person at your same level and with your same goals. These classes have the advantage of being more social and cost effective, but don’t err on the side of having too many customers per instructor.

Semi-Private Sessions

Number of SessionsPrice
Package of 5$250
Package of 10$450

With a minimum of 3 people and maximum of 4 people, these classes are a wonderful way to experience Pilates with a small group moving at a flowing pace. *Not appropriate for those with injuries or mobility issues.

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Fit N Pilates Client Results

Plano TX

They say a prophet is not known in their own town and I resisted Pilates for years until eventually my body was having pain even after a short run. Thanks for getting me in to a new routine of strengthening my core and improving my flexibility. Now I can run and play basketball with no pain despite being over 50 years of age 🙂

47 years old

A 47 year old female complained of back pain and non-flexibility. After 4 sessions of Pilates her flexibility significantly increased and her back pain was eliminated.

31 years old

A 31 year old female had tried to get back into the jeans she wore before having children. Her abdominals were the reason why she could not button her jeans. After 6 sessions in Pilates she was able to flatten her stomach and button her jeans.

14 years old

A 14 year old boy select basketball player had to miss several key select basketball tournament games as he suffered with growing pains around his foot and ankle. After only several weeks with Shannon, he was pain free and available for the next tournament. He now has far more flexibility than he has had in his life combined with strength in his core which has improved his movement on the court.

48 years old

A 48 year old loved basketball and had to completely give it as he aged. Problems with his groin and his lower back convinced him it was over. After only a 3-4 weeks of being trained by Shannon. he had better flexibility than he had in 20 years, was strong in his core and is back on the basketball floor!

48 years old

A 48 year old female trained using the Pilates Method to gain strength in her knee before have a complete knee replacement. Immediately after surgery the doctor told her how strong her knee was and that she would recover more quickly than other patients that had not been doing Pilates. She was able to walk much sooner than most post-op knee replacement patients.