Nutrition Counseling and Classes

Shannon is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN, LDN). She offers personalized, one-on-one nutrition counseling for individuals seeking to improve their health. She teaches her clients how to improve energy, fight disease, lose undesired body fat and feel good about eating.

Individual Nutrition Counseling$165
Follow Up Nutrition Counseling $60

Nutrition Services include:

  • Determine calorie needs and ideal body weight
  • Assess nutritional adequacy of daily eating patterns
  • Develop meal pattern to maintain energy
  • Personalize diet plans for successful weight reduction
  • Special diets for diabetes, heart disease, hypoglycemia and weight gain
  • Listen to concerns and answer questions regarding fat, cholesterol, fiber, fast foods, sodium, vitamins, supplements, anorexia, bulimia or whatever nutrition concerns clients may have

Classes Provided


Dieting, Weight, and Exercise Presentation

1.5 hours

With this Dieting, weight and exercise presentation, you can learn how to better manage weight issues, eat well, lose fat, have energy to exercise and find peace with food. The target audience is weight-conscious adults and college athletes, coaches, and those that are trying to lose weight. Perfect for dancers, running teams, gymnastic students, wresting teams and anyone who would like to better manage their weight.


Sports Nutrition Presentation

1.5 hours

With this Sports Nutrition presentation, you can learn about Carbohydrate loading, Protein requirements, Fluid Needs, Pre-exercise meals, Quick energy, Recovery Foods, Caffeine, Vitamin Supplements, Weight Reduction and Weight Gain. Perfect for high school and college athletes, coaches and adult exercisers.


Engineered Sports Foods: Making Sense of the Commercial Sports Food Scene

1.5 hours

Sports drinks, gels, energy drinks, sports beans … are these engineered sports foods “magical”? Or are orange slices, bananas, gummi bears and latte’s equally good choices? What’s a confused athlete supposed to eat?

The goal is to inform hungry exercisers who have no idea of what’s best for fuel before, during and after exercise.

Topics include —

  • Brief overview of the growth of the sports food industry
  • Overview of the importance of fueling before and during exercise
  • Concerns about digestion

Facts about —

  • Caffeinated energy drinks and sports foods
  • Sodium, sports drinks and electrolyte replacement
  • Sports candy, gels, applesauce
    Sports drinks with protein, essential amino acids
  • Recovery foods
  • Superfruits
  • The target audience is high school and college athletes & coaches, and adult exercisers.