Classical Authentic Pilates Instruction

Whether you’re interested in small group Pilates classes or prefer private Pilates classes, Fit N Pilates in Plano, Texas, can help you find the structure that best fits your needs.

We stay away from the fad of large group classes on Pilates equipment that often result in incorrect positioning, dangerous movements and injury.

A maximum of 4 clients per instructor is always maintained at Fit N Pilates for safety and true results for each client. You will enjoy the personal attention of individual training or small class settings focused on the results for your specific needs. This studio is for all ages and fitness levels.

You can look forward to the following results from our customized, authentic Pilates:

  • Improved Posture
  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Toned Muscles
  • Improved Stabilization
  • Healthy Muscles/Joints
  • Stronger Core
  • Prevents Injuries

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Private Pilates Session

Customized Pilates Session for one! Private Sessions will take your Pilates workouts to the next level. These customized sessions incorporate Joseph Pilates’ exercises on the equipment such as the reformer, tower and/or chair. Private sessions focus on your specific needs and fitness goals such as a previous injury, pre or post natal, increased intensity and challenged stamina.

Duet Pilates Session

Customized Pilates Session for two! Like a Private Session, the Pilates Duet session is designed similarly but includes the fun of sharing it with a friend, partner or co-worker.

Semi Private Pilates Session

Bring your own friends or companions is preferred but but we can pair you with someone if needed. These sessions are limited to 3 – 4 people, so you receive highly personalized and individual attention from the instructor. With this kind of attention, your form and technique will stay on track and every muscle can be worked and targeted. Which means you’ll progress quickly.

Fit N Pilates

The Authentic Pilates Approach

Using all of the core principles below for each exercise that is performed is an ultimate Pilates approach that is proven to create results!


Physically bringing the focus to the center of the body, the powerhouse area between the lower ribs and pelvic floor.


Focusing on the movement before any muscle activation occurs. This creates an ultimate mind-body connection, then using the mind to activate muscles that support the movement creating a deeper and more effective result or benefit.


Every Pilates exercise is done with complete control from the inside out. This allows joints, weaknesses, and injured areas to rest while stabilizing the total body.


Through precision, muscle response is strengthened and more efficient movement is created. This translates into increased endurance and stamina in everyday activities. Precision leads to proper form, which leads to injury prevention.


Breath is important for a total mind-body connection. Breathing is one of the most important parts of exercising, thinking, or even simply relaxing. The deeper the breath, the healthier the mind and body can function. Each exercise in Pilates is coordinated with a breathing style to train the body to move deeper with a flowing breath.


Pilates aims for elegant efficiency of movement in your workout, creating flow. Once precision has been achieved, the exercises are intended to flow within and into each other in order to build strength, increase stamina, and promote wellness.

Fit N Pilates

Fit N Pilates Client Results

Fit N Pilates Client Results
Plano TX

They say a prophet is not known in their own town and I resisted Pilates for years until eventually my body was having pain even after a short run. Thanks for getting me in to a new routine of strengthening my core and improving my flexibility. Now I can run and play basketball with no pain despite being over 50 years of age 🙂

Fit N Pilates Client Results
47 years old

A 47 year old female complained of back pain and non-flexibility. After 4 sessions of Pilates her flexibility significantly increased and her back pain was eliminated.

Fit N Pilates Client Results
31 years old

A 31 year old female had tried to get back into the jeans she wore before having children. Her abdominals were the reason why she could not button her jeans. After 6 sessions in Pilates she was able to flatten her stomach and button her jeans.

Fit N Pilates Client Results
14 years old

A 14 year old boy select basketball player had to miss several key select basketball tournament games as he suffered with growing pains around his foot and ankle. After only several weeks with Shannon, he was pain free and available for the next tournament. He now has far more flexibility than he has had in his life combined with strength in his core which has improved his movement on the court.

Fit N Pilates Client Results
48 years old

A 48 year old loved basketball and had to completely give it as he aged. Problems with his groin and his lower back convinced him it was over. After only a 3-4 weeks of being trained by Shannon. he had better flexibility than he had in 20 years, was strong in his core and is back on the basketball floor!

Fit N Pilates Client Results
48 years old

A 48 year old female trained using the Pilates Method to gain strength in her knee before have a complete knee replacement. Immediately after surgery the doctor told her how strong her knee was and that she would recover more quickly than other patients that had not been doing Pilates. She was able to walk much sooner than most post-op knee replacement patients.