Healthy New Year

Each New Year brings pledges that most of us make to be more healthy and fit.  By making small changes to lifestyles,  goals can be accomplished.  Here are 5 small steps towards a healthier you and a healthier New Year!

1.  Make Gradual Changes –  drink one more glass of water each day and/or cut out one indulgent food per day.

2.  Start Walking – Instead of taking the escalator use the stairs instead.  While looking for a parking spot, park at the back of the parking lot and walk.

3.  Worry about Health and Not Weight – “Healthy weight”  is far more important than trying to accomplish a weight goal that is difficult to attain and  maintain.

4.  Slow Down – It takes the brain 20 minutes for the brain to realize that you are no longer hungry.  Put the fork down after each bite and chew slowly.

5.  Stay Positive – Try not to complain about exercising and eating healthier foods.  Write your goals down and read them each day.

Goals can be attained by making minor changes in your life.   For more information on how to improve your health, visit your doctor on prevention assessments or a registered dietitian nutritionist.

At Fit N Pilates we offer nutrition counseling along with easy to perform Group Fitness Classes.  We are located in Plano just North of Dallas on Spring Creek and Coit.

Make this year your year!

Happy 2019





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