A healthy digestive tract allows for the mucosal membrane to pass nutrients to the blood stream while blocking leaking toxins into the blood stream.  In “Leaky Gut Syndrome,” the barrier is irritated and the mucosal membrane is dysfunctional.  This blocks nutrients while allowing toxins to enter the bloodstream.  These toxins trigger the immune system in different ways and if the mucosal membrane is not healed, over time it can lead to several diseases that effects all systems of the body.  We can develop diseases of the Brain, Liver, Thyroid, GI Tract, Pancreas, Muscular Skeletal System and Obesity.

“Healing The Gut” can be very easy by starting out with these few simple life changes.

  1. No Gluten
  2. No Sugar
  3. No Alcohol

If someone is still having symptoms a more detailed approach may be necessary.

I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner and if you are having symptom mentioned above, I am available for health consults.  Let’s get healthy and eliminate diseases so we can live our best!


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